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TM Zolotaya Amfora

Life of each person contains remarkable people. Life of each businessman and top manager contains remarkable partners. The co-operation with nice and talented people Alexander Gromov and Olga Gromova has become such a remarkable stage in “Alef-Vinal” Company operation as well as for me personally. We started in difficult time when there were no technologies, and many plans could not...

Obolon Corporation ( TM Zibert , TM Obolon , TM Obolon BeerMix , TM Pils Obolon , TM Zhivchik Obolon , ТМ «Прозора» )

We’ve got really unique project working together with GBS Company. “Pils” is a very powerful solution. It allowed seeing that it is much more than just a beer – it is a legend which was successfully communicated by GBS. In practice In practice it is seldom or never the first design is approved at once. But it was so with “Pils”.    I want to say...

Alef Vinal Company (TM Family Collection , TM Helsinki , TM Jean-Jack , TM Klinkov , TM Loza Moldovy , TM Rumelia , TM Sonata , TM Ukrainka , TM Zolotaya Amfora )

The stability of creative ideas generation and full set of services of GBS are worth the highest estimation. I am pleased that the projects which we have implemented with the help of GBS, took the leading market positions. It shows that successful project is possible when successful people work over it.  GBS top management’s opinion helps making advertising decisions in our company....

TM Аcme (TM "Styling" , TM Acme Blond On )

We have learned about GBS Company from our partners at Lunapack Company. We preferred the company because there were recommendations and they created the positive impression while our first meeting as well. Besides, we had seen the company’s works by that time. We held a tender and they provided us with their solutions then. They didn’t win that tender, however, we have distinguished...

Aquarius System Management Company (TM Booms! , TM Crystal , TM Metzler , TM Pan Ivan , TM Vita , TM Vivat )

We have been working successfully with GBS Company for more than 2 years. We had started with a test project. We saw the team’s professionalism and placed our brand portfolio in their management. GBS Research Department implemented 5 research projects for us. The agency provided Aquarius System Management with complex redesign of 5 trade marks including “Monastyrskiy Kvas”,...

Avito Brand Company (TM AquaTonus , TM Herbalis , TM Light , TM Nortex , TM Umka )

We select the best leading companies which use state-of-the-art technologies to be our partners. We’ve chosen GBS logically, after long-term search and a number of tenders. This company has wide experience in development of successful brands. High opinion of many big Ukrainian manufacturers about GBS proves our right choice. It is a pleasure to work with GBS, for everything is done...

TM Elektromash

«We liked our co-operation very much. Everything was done well, we had no negative emotions. We used all the ideas, offered by GBS, concerning rebranding of TM “Elektromash”: emphasis on trademark positioning, anti-fraud protection system, new modern package, PR, Internet communications.  The package is very good. 3D-modelling, which we have placed on the package...

Falstap Company (Telecommunications service provider SDS )

We have chosen a partner among several companies. We liked designs in GBS’ portfolio as well as their pricing. We liked communication with agency personnel, and management is also very pleasant. There is the highest level of understanding of tasks.   The developed new site for CDC reflects the latest trends in Ukraine and all over the world. We are sure that it will bring along...

TM FanNut

I am very satisfied with the work process when statement of work is very brief. It is convenient. This company always knows what must be done. The company is truly creative. 

I can only wish the company to continue being a step ahead its clients and lead its clients after it. 


Favorit Meat Factory Plus (TM Kolbasniy Riad , TM Miasnaya Lavka , ТМ «Добров» )

Argumentativeness is what we liked the most while working with GBS. When GBS professionals present their works, with the great variety of proposed variants, they always set forth forcefully their idea on which of the solutions is the best one and why they recommend it, and what is its marketing value.  The second important thing is that they work fast. It is not just a creative company;...
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