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TM Georg BioSystems

It is a great pleasure to work with them. They are business-minded and very professional guys. I felt that they were skilled in neuro-linguistic programming. They meet the terms of contract, and it is pleasant as well. We have never had any problems during our long-term co-operation. 


TM Helsinki

For many years of work with “Alef-Vinal” company, GBS Brand Solutions Company has gained credence and positive attitude due to its conscientious approach, decency and creative search for the solution.  My choice is proved by respective awards gained by GBS Brand Solutions Company at various exhibits and professional competitions.  GBS Brand Solutions Company hires the...

TM Kiev-Mix (TM Baron Macaron )

GBS Company created name and package design for TM “Baron Macaron”, name and package design for TM “Macarolle”, and package design for macaroni products TM “Kiev Mix”. We are very glad to have turned to GBS. I would emphasize managers’ skill to find an individual approach to each client, their ability to respond comments and wishes rapidly during the...

TM Majola

Initially, when we had proposed GBS to participate in tender, we were impressed by the company’s achievements in marketing and branding as well as great services and awards in design. And then, during the co-operation process, the feeling that we work with real professionals has been confirmed. We saw that we worked with people who not only consider themselves to be professionals, but also...

TM Stoletov

I am glad to see that theory and practice of brand development come along in GBS. The company develops strong brands on a “turnkey” basis.  They do not force you up to buy their services. Money is not the crucial thing. They are keen about project development, creation of a really high-quality product. Every agency is good at promising but GBS is really interested in helping...

Pizzeria chain Toko Toko

We have searched for the agency, to which we could delegate trade mark development, for a while. We didn’t organize a tender, but preferred personal communication with companies. We have met many companies and searched not only for reasonable pricing, but also for creative ideas which we would like.  Before the start of work we talked a couple of times both on general and related...
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