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Favorit Meat Factory Plus

Maxim Shaposhnikov

Maxim Shaposhnikov

Marketing Director at meat factory “Favorite”

Favorit Meat Factory Plus (TM Kolbasniy Riad , TM Miasnaya Lavka , ТМ «Добров» )

Argumentativeness is what we liked the most while working with GBS. When GBS professionals present their works, with the great variety of proposed variants, they always set forth forcefully their idea on which of the solutions is the best one and why they recommend it, and what is its marketing value. 

The second important thing is that they work fast. It is not just a creative company; they have established business processes. That is why they never fail to meet the terms, and there are certain people responsible for each task. Our experience of work with other agencies includes problems and failures to deliver solution in time.  

And the third thing is the quality of work. The company copes with new fields and new subjects easily. And I should say that there are very few companies in Ukraine which have the experience of working with sausage products, so it was difficult for us to find a good partner. Many companies understood what they were expected to do at third or fourth attempt. GBS succeed from the first time. And their enthusiasm didn’t smooth down during the whole co-operation process. 

In sausage market segment consumers identified products by manufacturers, because all sausages look alike. The package, developed for TM “Miasnaya Lavka” allowed stepping ahead. Consumers began to identify products by brand. It happened due to the original logo, corporate colour, unique form of label and other parameters. Now packages of our trademarks are produced according to real rules. 

Generally, the co-operation helped to build good assortment and branding strategy. We own three trademarks, and two of them have been developed by GBS. Brand portfolio is good. Co-operative work helped the products to distinguish themselves on a shelf. Today our products are unique in Ukraine. They attract not only consumers, but also competitors, which try to reach them. Due to this work we have established a new industry standard, and competitors pattern themselves on us. It is a success of all products, produced by us, and “Miasnaya Lavka” has a particular success.  

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