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TM Аcme

Sergei Pshenichniy

Head of Marketing Department, Acme Company; “Acme Professional” Project Manager

TM Аcme (TM "Styling" , TM Acme Blond On )

We have learned about GBS Company from our partners at Lunapack Company. We preferred the company because there were recommendations and they created the positive impression while our first meeting as well. Besides, we had seen the company’s works by that time. We held a tender and they provided us with their solutions then. They didn’t win that tender, however, we have distinguished and remembered them. They were very serious about both meeting the tender’s time-lines and variety of concepts they had provided. That was the thing we liked most of all about them. 
Perfectly organized business process is the distinguishing feature of GBS Company. I am impressed with the fact that they always precondition time schedule, provide time-lines, and meet them. This is the most important thing. I like their efficiency as well. If a project needs to be implemented in the shortest time, GBS always manages to do it. In addition, I like that they always have a variety of creative ideas for each project. 
GBS’ designs always provide opportunities for further development. Provided concepts can be extended into a line and developed on. It is a significant advantage. 
All the products developed with GBS Company, including Acme Professional and Acme Energy, work, live and keep on developing. The result equaled the hope. We have introduced the products Energy and Blonde into the new market segment. And we reached the height we’d expected. Any unsatisfactory results are the faults of merchandise staff but not of the products.
I surely can recommend GBS Brand Solutions Company to all my partners and friends. 

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