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Aquarius System Management Company

Vladimir Granin

Vladimir Granin

Aquarius System Management Company Marketing Director (ТМ «Monastyrskiy Kvas», «Pan Ivan», «Metzler», «Vivat», «Vita», «Crystall», «Aquazeltzer», «AquaDog», «Booms!»)

Aquarius System Management Company (TM Booms! , TM Crystal , TM Metzler , TM Pan Ivan , TM Vita , TM Vivat )

We have been working successfully with GBS Company for more than 2 years. We had started with a test project. We saw the team’s professionalism and placed our brand portfolio in their management. GBS Research Department implemented 5 research projects for us. The agency provided Aquarius System Management with complex redesign of 5 trade marks including “Monastyrskiy Kvas”, “Metzler”, “Vivat”, and “Crystall”. Also they developed product style concepts for 4 new products such as “Pan Ivan”, “Aquazeltzer”, “AquaDog”, and “Booms!”. The key attractive factor of work with GBS Company for me is the profundity of their solutions. They always strive to solve the task really profoundly, to do everything correctly. They put much attention to details, after all, there are the details which make up the entire impression. GBS’ professionals strive to provide not the thing which is good exteriorly, but the trade mark which will be ahead of all others. As for me, the most important thing is GBS’ team consisting of professionals in all of their respective places. This provides the complex solutions.

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