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TM Kiev-Mix

Alexandr Bushtruck

CEO of the company “Kiev Mix” (TM “Kiev Mix”, TM “Baron Macaron”, TM “Macarolle”)

TM Kiev-Mix (TM Baron Macaron )

GBS Company created name and package design for TM “Baron Macaron”, name and package design for TM “Macarolle”, and package design for macaroni products TM “Kiev Mix”. We are very glad to have turned to GBS. I would emphasize managers’ skill to find an individual approach to each client, their ability to respond comments and wishes rapidly during the brand-creation process as well as reasonable pricing of their services. I can feel the creative approach of professionals to naming, slogan development, package design. I like to work with GBS because their personnel is always polite and attentive with clients, and they do their job professionally. What they offer is really high-class service!

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