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TM Majola

Victoria Gnatok

Victoria Gnatok

Marketing Director at gifts&beauty store chain “ProStor”

TM Majola

Initially, when we had proposed GBS to participate in tender, we were impressed by the company’s achievements in marketing and branding as well as great services and awards in design. And then, during the co-operation process, the feeling that we work with real professionals has been confirmed. We saw that we worked with people who not only consider themselves to be professionals, but also prove this with their previous projects and results, and that they were the dab hand at this field. That is why we felt reliance, credence and confidence in right and successful result. We knew that we would go the right way. 

What I liked the most in our co-operation were the moments of generating ideas. Very often our constructive discussions bore interesting and correct ideas. I was amazed when the slogan for action “Every day like a birthday” was grasped from the surface.  

We have stores with excellent service, assortment and consultancies. The developed strategy and positioning concept resulted in the shift of emphasis to certain groups of products and consultants’ work with them, and changed layout of products in the stores. Positioning brought the result. Now, when we say “ProStor”, a consumer already associate it with gifts&beauty store and connect with certain image, and they had not done earlier.
I expect the future co-operation to realize ideas and extend them. We’ve started with positioning, and then we went on with decoration of stores and development of actions. Now we work over Brand Book and web site development. In fact, all the work is intended at increasing the level of demands to the chain, level of communication with target audience, and extension. I am sure that there will be new co-operative projects.  

Marketing is a constant movement forward, and GBS is able to keep pace with this movement and go ahead, and only ahead, to new achievements. 

Maxim Tarnopolsky

Head of the department ‘Alcohol’ of Trading and Industrial Group “Rainford”

TM Majola

I’ve preferred working with Brand Solutions Company GBS because they are really high-class professionals. They are a great team, and I’m glad that it exists. They are active. I like what they do. 
GBS is a company with good history. As soon as we operate a very serious business, we couldn’t afford risking, so we just couldn’t turn to less professional team.

We have got an excellent product. I believe that consumers like our product because it has taken one of the leading places in the focus-groups compared to existing competitors. In such a high competition as it is in the “medium cognac” segment, it is a very good result. That is why I can recommend GBS to everyone.

Andrey Derkatch

«Kometa» project manager, Trading and Industrial Group “Rainford”

TM Majola

It is pleasant and convenient to work with professionals. They are always polite and attentive to questions and problems of clients. They are communicative and prepossessing to dialog, discussion of marketing and creative questions. Our project has been implemented qualitively and in time, taking into account all our wishes. 

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