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Pizzeria chain Toko Toko

Alena Tischenko

Managing partner of pizzeria chain “Toko Toko”

Pizzeria chain Toko Toko

We have searched for the agency, to which we could delegate trade mark development, for a while. We didn’t organize a tender, but preferred personal communication with companies. We have met many companies and searched not only for reasonable pricing, but also for creative ideas which we would like. 

Before the start of work we talked a couple of times both on general and related subjects. This agency is distinguished from the others mainly by normal friendly relations and normal work. Projects were quite difficult and we argued sometimes. But the most important thing is that there was no brag in the communication with the agency. They didn’t put on airs that they could do everything and that they were the best. Many agencies, that we met, told sophisticatedly about complicated things. But with GBS we felt that they are able not only to speak the words but also implement the ideas they offer.  

We liked their complex approach to trade mark development. Consumer researches were held thoroughfully, correct questions were asked, and answers were given. The researches confirmed our expectations. We saw that we were oriented not to our preferences but to our consumers and things which they want to view and hear. It is a pleasure to get everything including analysis, name, the brand itself, its dressing and promotion, in one place. 

We were offered several ideas of product dressing. All decision-makers felt that the logo with sun, which was approved finally, made play with medium price segment as well as kindness and wormth, - the things which are the most important for our consumers. Later, cars decoration, supporting materials and outdoor advertising confirmed the correctness of this decision. 

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