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Advertising campaign

The advertising campaign development is a plan of actions aimed for a certain period of time and a specific target audience.

Stage 1: setting goals

Smart setting goals explains the objectives of the advertising campaign, its purpose and the desired result.

Stage 2: information analysis

The advertising campaign requires a clear information about the brand. This information can be provided by the client. Also, it can be obtained as a result of marketing research.

Stage 3: search for the key ideas

Creating ideas is the most difficult and important process in the advertising campaign development. The mechanism of the advertising campaign is the embodiment of this idea into the visual images (billboards, advertising layouts in magazines, transport advertising, TV commercials, etc.), commercials on radio, news articles, PR articles, promotions, event marketing.

Stage 4: budget evaluation

The main objective of this stage is the correlation of the planned advertising budget with the proposed activities.

Stage 5: selecting media

It requires analysis of numerous product characteristics, target audiences, channels of dissemination (print media, TV, Radio, Internet, etc.). It allows you to develop a clear and effective media plan of the advertising campaign.

We choose the forms of advertising not only on the basis of experience and professionalism, but also taking into account the target audience and other important information.

Our advantages :

  1. The GBS company has a research and creative resources for the effective advertising campaign implementation.
  2. We will find the most effective solution for any advertising budget (even small ones)
  3. We have solid experience. We have successfully developed a lot of integrated advertising campaigns
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