Intranet PR


Intracorporate PR creates a positive atmosphere in the company. The main purpose of intracorporate PR is to involve employees in the organization life. Besides, such PR is intended to generate a positive perception of the company’s management by the staff.

The essence of intracorporate PR

Intracorporate PR is the same brand promotion, but it focuses on the company's employees. Only a loyal employee'll be able to be effective with the client and, if necessary, will defend the organization honor.

In other words, loyalty to company within the group strengthens its position in the market of goods and services. This is the essence and task of the Intracorporate PR.

Professional approach to intracorporate PR

The GBS company offers you the service of Intracorporate PR. We will create for you a series of effective recommendations that will help you to create a positive corporate climate in the shortest possible time.

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