PR-strategy and its implementation


PR-promotion – is a set of activities that are performed since the launch of the product or service. They accompany the brand throughout the entire period of its existence on the market.

PR should promote a brand or company. PR is a conscious dialogue between the company and consumers.

We offer our clients a range of strategic PR activities:

  • Regular writing PR-materials about Your company and placing them in print and online media (press releases, articles, etc.).
  • Work with specialists, preparation of comments to the press.
  • Preparation of information and analytical materials according to Your request (monitoring of PR-activity of competitors, gathering information about competitors in the media for the current time period, mass media reviews about Your brand and Your competitors).
  • Preparation of the annual concept and PR-service of the company. Current PR-audit.
  • Attracting media attention to Your company
  • Provision of advertising materials for participation in thematic events (presentations, booklets, Souvenirs of various complexity).
  • Media planning PR promotion.

Thanks to cooperation with us you will get:

  • Report positive information about your brand in that genre, which is preferred by the consumer.
  • Consumer trust towards the brand formed due to well-presented information.
  • Constant monitoring of business reputation and company image
  • The most accurate prediction of a good period for launching new initiatives and campaigns
  • Constant monitoring of advertising activity of competitors.
  • Publishing positive information about your company or brand in the media.  
  • Building loyalty to the brand among consumers.
  • Timely identification of the most effective channels for PR promotion.
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