Brand audit


Brand audit is a regular monitoring of the trade mark provision on the market and the situation in the competition camp. Well-timed brand audit helps to "diagnose" the early stages of brand"disease", which can occur quite suddenly influenced by external factors.

Brand audit helps to identify:

  • demand reduction and its causes
  • new priorities of the target audience
  • dangerous actions of competitors, which require a response

Professional brand audit will reveal the tastes and preferences of potential buyers, characterize the motivation of existing consumers, compare planned brand image with real one and outline the competitors strategy.

Brand audit is a reliable basis for the development of a successful marketing strategy and advertising campaign for the brand. The final product of the brand audit is a "recipe" - a report about the current situation and recommendations for improvement. Brand Audit shows the direction of development, which helps to make the brand stronger.  

Brand audit should become a regular practice of your company. Only in this case, the brand will be successful and popular.

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