Brand concept


Development of the brand concept is the foundation for all subsequent branding. In fact, consumers don't choose the products, but emotions, mood, support, or just a nice evening. We buy not a product but an IDEA. That's why the development of the brand concept is a task of paramount importance.

Development of the brand concept is the search for key ideas. And successful idea is equivalent to successful and effective brand concept. In modern consumer society, the idea creates a brand.

Developing a brand concept is the creation of a basis for visual identity and brand communications. The brand concept affects the brand name, slogan, logo, advertising ideas, label design and packaging.

The main task of developing the brand concept is to convey the idea to the consumer. And so the main requirement for the brand concept is to be understood by the target audience.

The development of the brand concept in practice

Creation of something unconventional in the standard framework is a sign of high professionalism. GBS experts always find new and unusual line in the limited market space. We have developed more than 250 brands, many of them have a long and happy life.  And, of course, the best measure of success is consumer loyalty and a high level of sales.

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