Creation of the brand story is an essential stage of the complex brand development.

Brand story (or Legend of the brand) tells about the origin and development of the brand, its mission and values. Legend of the brand reveals its unique features and advantages, it's a developed version of the concept and positioning.  

The legend of the brand is used in all internal and external communications. Brand Story serves as the basis for advertising and PR-campaigns, the development of advertising concepts and promotions, the creation of promotional items and promotional materials and many other. This story forms the information basis for the future brand development.

Unique idea for brand story  

Creation of brand story should be based on the concept of brand positioning - the main brand idea. Search of the this idea is the most important step.

Creating the brand story, our experts follow the rule of "simplicity and uniqueness." The brand story reveals brand USP, provides arguments for its confirmation and adds emotional color.

Professional brand story

Working on the the brand story, we don't reject any one, even the most daring, idea.

Moreover, developers have become real experts who perfectly know the product and features of its production. On the other hand, you must take the place of a potential buyer and look at the trademark of his eyes. After all, the main task of the brand story is to promote a product or service.

Thus, analyzing the trade mark, checking the theories in practice, we find the most effective solutions for the  brand story.

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