Development of positioning allows to explain the main advantages of your product in a concise and accessible form. Positioning gives the brand positive characteristics and enhances its reputation for end users and business partners.

Development of positioning is needed to help the consumer to make a choice. Because each of us always chooses — and chooses quickly. Usually we have neither time nor desire to delve into the brand message, so it must be short and expressive.

Brand positioning is a laconic wording that expresses the essence and concept of the brand, its identity, unique selling proposition and the main advantage. Positioning strategy is the basis for all further stages of brand development: naming, slogan, design, advertising campaigns and marketing programs.

The positioning strategy consists of two main tasks:

  1. determination of the goods or services nature;
  2. the transfer of this essence to the consumer.

Development of positioning includes several stages:

  • Analysis of market information and the user profile.
  • The development of the "coordinate system" which allows you to create multiple versions of the positioning.
  • The choice of the most versatile, relevant and unique version.

Choosing the final positioning, we always consider the parameters of "uniqueness", "universality" and "relevance" in the long term. 

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