Rebranding can be defined as a kind of «brand repair”. Depending on the initial state of the object «repair» is cosmetic and cardinal, full and partial
Whether you need rebranding?

Rebranding is necessary if:

  • Existing brand doesn't fit in the changed market conditions. Rebranding can also be useful when preferences and values of the target audience has changed.
  • The brand position in the market weakened significantly. Sometimes the reason of falling of demand for the product is the competition when the successful rebranding of competitors leads to their rapid growth.  Then the need for rebranding is obvious.
  • Your brand positioning has been developed wrong. Then rebranding will be the salvation of your brand.

Rebranding is a process

Essentially, rebranding is the creation of a new brand based on the old one. Therefore, competent rebranding should be started with market research. These researches help to identify advantages and disadvantages of your brand versus competitors' products. Eventually, it becomes clear how it should be done.

Where should you order rebranding?

The right choice is GBS company! Because rebranding in our company has a number of advantages, including:

  • We provide a comprehensive rebranding. Having our own departments of marketing researches, branding and design, we are able to perform rebranding from start to finish. And that means lower costs, time savings and integrity of the new brand concept.
  • We have extensive experience in trademark rebranding.
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