Advertising campaigns ideas


The idea of the advertising campaign expresses the essence of the entire PR strategy in General. The original idea is the Foundation of any successful advertising campaign and affects the formation and subsequent development of all PR communications.

What is a good idea advertising campaign?

The idea of an advertising campaign is a set of symbols and images that are designed to convey the key  brand message to the consumer. This idea should be succinct, "delicious", memorable and original.

The uniqueness of the advertising campaign  idea is the main requirement! A successful advertising campaign is memorable, noteworthy, and it depends on the initial idea.

Bad idea of advertising campaigns are usually either banal, lackluster, or, conversely, very bold and even extravagant. Therefore, the task of experienced specialists is to find in the advertised product or service a certain "flavor" and  to use it skillfully.

Professional development of ideas for advertising campaigns

  • Creative search unique ideas for advertising campaigns is a task of experienced specialists GBS.
  • Developing creative ideas, we are always mindful of the need for interaction between marketing concept and brand. And we take into account the psychological factor.
  • You can see examples of ideas for advertising campaigns, developed by us, in our portfolio.
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