Viral marketing


Viral marketing is a special method of brand promotion when the advertising message is transmitted by the target audience. It's an advertisement, which does not require the cost of its location.

Viral marketing primarily uses the Internet as the channel of communication which allows you to disseminate information quickly among a wide range of target audience.

The essence of viral marketing

The essence of viral marketing is creation of the exciting content that will be transmitted by the method of "word of mouth", when Internet users willingly tell each other information they are interested in.

An Internet "virus" can be a video, flash game, image or text. The main thing is to cause the target audience to broadcast Your message. So it should be interesting: informative, provocative, scandalous, very beautiful or funny.

One of the most popular methods of viral promotion is ambient media – visual communication which uses the resources of the environment. Most popular examples: painted as Your logo, road manholes, the image of Your product on the belt at the cash register of the supermarket, etc.

We offer:

  • Selection of the most effective "virus"
  • The development of the creative concept of "viral" promotion
  • Development of the "virus" (video clip, game, image, text, etc.).
  • The launch of the "virus"
  • Control of the process of viral marketing.
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