Brand book creation


Brand book - a guide to working with the brand, document for internal use. This document is a set of rules and required standards of visual brand communications, intended to form a unified perception of a company or a product.

Brand book allows staff and partners to understand the the brand aspirations, its essence and role in the market.

An important addition to the basic specifications is a guideline, a special technical certificate standards. It is designed to work with advertising agencies, marketing departments and design.

Another addition is the cut-guide, a document that facilitates the interaction between the firm and the franchises, contractors and remote offices.

We offer:

  • You get a beautifully designed brand book A4 (brand book) in printed and electronic formats. This document communicates the ideology and the visual specifics of Your brand to Your audience (partners, employees, investors) .
  • We also create a document electronic copy to transfer employees or partners.
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