Redesign is the procedure for adjusting the brand appearance in a fashionable look that fits the modern trends and expectations of consumers. Redesign is a real salvation for the brand, which began to lose its positions in comparison with the more vivid competitors.

Main redesign rule: updated brand needs to maintain continuity with the old variant of design. It has to contain some elements that will help consumers to identify the old brand in the new one.

Timely response to fashion changes in the competitors’ products design and the immediate redesign launching will help the brand to become relevant to the consumer.

Our advantages

  • Our company employs 8 professional designers. Each of them has his own style, which finds unique expression in the packaging redesign.  
  • We have created more than 4500 packs for different products in 30 product categories.
  • Over the years our company has been awarded numerous prizes of Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals.
  • We perform the packaging redesign of any complexity and of different materials.
  • We adapt packaging design for any kind of print and under the terms of any print shops in the CIS, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, China, USA and many other countries.
  • We are ready to supervise the printing of Your circulation within Ukraine.
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