The prototype is a three-dimensional model of a particular product, created from economical materials. This model fully meets the schematic drawings and allows you not only to see the finished product "in the volume", but also to hold it in the hand.

This step precedes the serial product production and helps to assess its usability as well as makes it possible to avoid future errors.

The basic steps for creating prototypes:

  • generation of key ideas;
  • development of a creative concept;
  • sketching and layout of the product;
  • creation a 3D model of the product;
  • 3D visualization;
  • prototyping of the product.

The GBS company offers services of professional prototyping. We have extensive experience with the market industrial design and develop a unique product samples.

Our developers know materials, ergonomics and technological features, as well as understand the specifics of industrial design. They have good spatial imagination and are able to find the original and technologically feasible idea that will help with prototyping.

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