Design of sales places


The design of sales places involves the decoration of any area whose aim is selling a particular set of products, goods or services. Such area can be not only a store or kiosk, but also a café, restaurant, pharmacy, presenters inside tangowahine.

The main aim of design of sales places

Design of sales places is a logical continuation of the brand character, the visual reflection of its essence. The combination of interior and exterior needs to be integrated with the brand concept and company corporate style.

Design of sales places is an important service of our company. The Agency GBS uses experienced designers, marketers and merchandisers in the projects. So we create design of sales places, which underlines the company's reputation, attracts new customers and serve in advertising purposes.

We offer:

  • Our company employs 8 professional designers. Each of them has his own style, which finds its unique expression in the design of sales places.
  • Our developers know materials, ergonomics and technological features, as well as understand the specifics of industrial design. They are able to find an original idea that can be realized technologically.
  • We undertake the development of the design of sales places of any complexity .
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