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Website development is becoming a very important service. Website is an integral part of the image for a major company  and even one of the "rules of etiquette" in business today.

Types and features of sites

  1. Corporate website is a comprehensive resource providing the most complete information about the company. This site can become the most handy tool in attracting customers.
  2. Image site is a small resource with a minimumof information. Creation of image sites is performed in accordance with the corporate style of the company, product or service. The simplest version of the image site is a site-card.
  3. The promotional site contains advertising information, pictures of product samples, background information and terms of purchase. The main objective of a promo-site is a direct promotion of product, services or brand on the Internet.

The GBS company has extensive experience in developing websites for corporate clients and independent Internet projects. We have been creating websites for a long time, and now the sites development is one of the key directions of our activity.

The GBS company has a professional team of web designers, programmers and copywriters.

We offer:

  • Website creation from scratch (corporate, promo, promotional website)
  • Analysis of existing site and recommendations for improvement
  • Website redesign
  • Creating site content (photographs, drawings, texts)
  • SEO-copywriting - writing texts for the website considering search engine optimization of your site content.
  • Website localization: translation from/into Russian, Ukrainian and English languages.
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