Research and market analysis


The GBS company offers You a number of research programs that will provide You with clear and accurate information needed to reduce risks when making management decisions.

Market research is important in the case of the new brand creation, rebranding, correction of an existing brand image.

We offer:

  1. The study of the product/service, its attributes, positive and negative stereotypes of perception.
  2. Marketing  market research.
  3. The study of consumer and buyer behavior, consumer preferences and selection factors.
  4. The study of the consumption motivation, specific and motivational aspects of the purchase, installations of the target group.
  5. The study of life style and psychographic profile of consumers.

The company has implemented more than 40 successful research projects on a large scale and at least 70 DESK RESEARCH projects.

Our services:

  2. analysis of the competitive environment
  3. complex marketing researches
  4. focus groups
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