Desk Research


DESK RESEARCH represents the collection and analysis of secondary information obtained from various sources.

The task of the DESK RESEARCH is to get a General idea about the status of foreign and domestic industrial markets.

Sources of information for DESK RESEARCH:

  • the Internet: articles, forums, publications, social networks, etc.;
  • print media;
  • reports of research agencies;
  • database;
  • information of statistical authorities.

DESK RESEARCH enables to learn about:

  • Business environment. These include social factors, demographic indicators, analysis of the people lifestyles in the country or a particular region, development of transport, etc.
  • The structure and size of market.
  • Potential customers, their product requirements, wishes and habits.
  • Competitors. It is not only the analysis of the competitors activity, but also potential threats from their side.
    The possible development of the market

Advantages of DESK RESEARCH:

  • reasonable cost of the work.
  • high speed of data collection. Therefore, this project will not take much time.
  • the presence of multiple sources of information.

Our advantages:

  1. Diverse experience, best practices and highly qualified specialists are our main arguments. The experts of GBS follow the development of the market and are always aware of the latest trends in advertising and marketing communications.
  2. We know the consumer psychology and are able to accurately determine his motives and needs.
  3. We operate in strictly defined time intervals.
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