Registration and protection of industrial designs


Industrial design is the result of human creativity in the field of artistic design. It's also an object of intellectual property rights relating to the appearance, design and ergonomic properties of industrial products.

Objects that cannot be industrial designs:

  • printed products;
  • objects of architecture (other than small architectural forms), industrial, hydrotechnical and other stationary constructions;
  • objects of unstable (amorphous) form from liquid, gaseous, powdery or similar substances.

Industrial designs registration is possible under condition of their novelty and originality. It should be remembered that the patent protects only the appearance of the product, not its internal structure or the principle of interaction of individual parts and mechanisms.

Registration and protection of industrial design begins with the filing of the application in patent office of Ukraine (Ukrpatent). Ukrpatent performs a formal examination, specifying the filing date and comparing it with the established requirements. In case of positive examination decision the applicant is issued a patent for an industrial design.

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