Information search for the presence of similar or identical TM


Trademark registration is the long, troublesome and costly procedure. However, there are ways to optimize this process, make it as efficient as possible. And the main one is to check the name of the brand for patent clarity.

This step is sometimes neglected, considering it's unnecessary, superfluous. And totally wrong! The matter is that a trademark registration may be denied if there is already registered (or submitted!) similar TM. So you'll lose both your money and  time spent in vain expectation of a positive outcome.

Check on patent cleanliness will help to avoid unnecessary financial and time costs. This procedure is carried out within 2 working weeks, after which issued the report. This check is significantly more economical than a full registration.

Our company GBS will help you conduct an effective information search for the presence of similar or identical TM. We will consult you and advise the most correct way of solving problems.

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