Application for registration


State copyright registration for the mark (logo) or name (word) starts with the filing of the application in patent office of Ukraine.  The application is a set of documents, duly executed by the patent attorney. Documents are transmitted in this structure to assign a name or logo.

When preparing the application you need to select necessary classes for your trademark  in accordance with the International classification of goods and services (ICGS). It is important to consider not only current activities, but also prospects of development.

The next step is applying for registration, where it is assigned a number. Once you have gotten the application number there occurs the search for a name in the international database of registered names or logos. Next, the application passes the examination, and if there is no grounds for refusal, you receive a certificate of trademark registration.

Professional help

Our Agency has more than 18 years of experience of creating brands and of their subsequent support in the registration process. We thoroughly know our job and can advise on the most appropriate ways to copyright registration.

Our advantages:

  • Customer-oriented approach. Our Agency is completely focused on customer satisfaction. Working with the client, we aim to solve his business tasks most competently.
  • Punctuality. We work within strictly established timeframes and always meet deadlines. Each stage is clearly documented.
  • Profitable cooperation. Flexible system of cooperation always leads to a mutually beneficial outcome.

You'll get:

  • Registered trademark
     Certificate confirming the right of ownership to the trademark valid for 10 years.
     Confidence in the brand future.
    Protection at the state level
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