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Any product or service can become a recognized brand  with a bright name, expressive identity, interesting brand-story. However, the brand doesn't arise from the void. And first of all you need to register your trademark. So you save yourself from the danger of losing the rights to own trademark.

Trademark registration is a troublesome business. Our company will gladly help you ease this process. We professionally prepare and accompany the registration documents in Ukraine and abroad.

Trademark registration consists of several stages:

  1. Filing of applications for state registration of copyright on the sign (logo) or name (word) to the patent office of Ukraine (Ukrpatent).  
  2. The choice of class. You should select classes for your trademark in accordance with the International classification of goods and services (ICGS). It is important to consider not only your current activities,but also future development.
  3. Filing of applications for review of patent clearance. Once you have gotten the application number there occurs the search for a name in the international database of registered names or logos. Next, the application passes the examination, and if there is no grounds for refusal, you receive a certificate of trademark registration.
  4. Trademark registration in other countries. Trademark certificate is valid only on the territory of the country where it has been registered. If you sell your goods abroad, you need to protect your trademark in other countries. There are two ways of trademarks registration abroad:
    • international trademark registration under the Madrid system. We can register your trademark under the Madrid system only for countries participating in the Madrid agreement. Today, the trademark registration under the Madrid system is possible in 90 countries around the world.
    • filing of applications for trademark registration in the patent office of the country which is interesting for you

The GBS company will help you go through all the stages of trademark registration successfully and with minimal hassle

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