Trademark registration


A trademark is a name, term, sign, symbol or a combination of these terms intended to designate goods or services of a particular seller. Trademark, brand, logo are the same things.

Trademark registration is a process that includes inspection for the mark by special expertise, placing information on the sign in the state register, publication of registered trademark.

A trademark can be any symbol or combination of symbols. Trademarks can be divided into several types:

  • verbal trademarks consisting only of words and combinations of letters;
  • figurative (graphic) trademarks consisting of drawings, patterns, geometric shapes;
  • three-dimensional  trademarks (mostly  original packaging, vials, bottles, etc.);
  • combined trademarks.

You can't register as a trademark:

  • symbols depicting or imitating state coats of arms, flags and other state symbols, official names of States, names of international organizations, warranty and assay hallmarks, seals, awards;
  • designations that have no distinctive character;
  • descriptive designation;
  • deceptive or misleading designations;
  • designation similar to the trademarks registered or filed for registration in Ukraine earlier

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