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Focus groups

A focus group is a qualitative research of consumers, representing the interview as a group discussion. The main purpose of focus groups is to obtain information about how and why they perceive any objects or products. Discussion is based on a plan outlining the major issues.

Objectives of focus groups:

  1. Conducting focus groups is an important stage in marketing research. Such qualitative studies are used when developing new product ideas, testing of product image, as well as for exploring attitudes, opinions, needs and motivations of consumers.
  2. Conducting focus groups is particularly important when launching a new product. Qualitative research in this case will help find out how potential customers perceive packaging, appearance, taste, smell, etc.
  3. Focus groups are also important when building a PR strategy. In this case, you need to understand the stereotypes of perception of the campaign object by potential consumers.

Our advantages

  1. We prepare a video, audio, text reports and comment on the research results.
  2. We are ready to give expert advice on any matter relating to the focus groups. Our experts will be happy to provide detailed consultations.
  3. Our company has solid experience of conducting various market research, including focus groups. We carried out complex research programs of different purposes.
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