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Marketing research is required for effective product promotion in the market, increasing its sales.

Marketing research (marketing analysis) is a set of activities designed to examine the market of goods and services  in detail. The goal is to obtain the most accurate information about a particular brand, company or expectations of the potential consumer.

Marketing research is essential if You are planning:

  • the new product launch;
  • rebranding;
  • determination of company products prices;
  • definition of channels and methods of goods promotion;
  • the formation of sales policy and methods to promote clients.

Options for marketing research

  1. Market research is the most common direction in conducting marketing research. The main results of market research are:
    • forecasts of its development;
    • assessment of conjunctural trends, the search for key success factors;
    • determine the most effective ways of conducting a competitive policy on the market;
    • segmentation of markets.
  2. The study of consumers. In this case, the object of study is the motivation of consumer behavior in the market.
  3. Research of competitors. This type of marketing research allows you to obtain the necessary data to ensure competitive advantage in the market.
  4. The study products (analysis of the competitiveness of goods).
  5. A study of the sales promotion system is one of the most important areas of marketing research, which seeks to identify how and when to stimulate sales of goods.
  6. Study of the internal environment of the enterprise.

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