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GBS Brand Solutions Company was founded in 1997. Company’s portfolio contains more than 60 developed trademarks including 16 national brands, which had been developed by the company from the concept to market introduction with a full set of advertising and marketing support.

The company consists of three departments:

  • Creative branding department, responsible for brand consulting and development of trademarks from the ground up which includes naming, creation of brand identity components and everything concerning marketing and advertising communications.
  • Design and web-technologies department where professional designers, illustrators and web-developers work.
  • IT-projects department
  • Customer Service Department

The company’s full-time staff numbers 20 employees, and freelance staff counts about 30 employees.

The company’s clients are businesses all over the Ukraine including big companies from Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, and Kherson. We work with clients from France and the UK as well. We are proud of long-term and viable co-operation with the majority of our clients. You can read their testimonials about our co-operative projects on this web site.

The company has been an honoree of 12 prestigious international and all-Ukrainian competitions and festivals. The company has been specially awarded by the Ukrainian Designers Union for its developments in the field of package design.


The foundation of the company is its professional team which consists of people who like and can think. Our secret of successful projects runs that there are no companies, there are only people. There are long days and weeks of definite people’s work at the back of each project that you can see. They are the people who love their job. They like to work together; after all they live and breathe the sole air. That is why they create unique works.

While creating a brand, the amazing creativity of the solution is not the goal for developers. They strive to find the solution which will provide brand’s marketing success. There are the ability to think freshly, not to rest on our laurels, and the stable habit to work for the result, which guarantee really powerful brand solutions delivered by GBS. The ideas, delivered by the company, save much customer’s money. Because we know how to make a product be purchased.

Reasons to work with us

  • Versatile experience, use of the best techniques and high-class professionals are our main arguments.
  • When a client solves problems by himself, and certain stages of the development are implemented by different companies, it is hard to create the integral image of a brand. GBS provides all stages of branding from researches, analysis of market conditions and creation of brand image to introduction of developed project and advertising campaign. It is convenient as client gets the comprehensive solution in a single place.
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